About us

About Erina Design

Erina Design is an Australian company located in Gosford, NSW.

Erina Design is owned and operated by Ellenet Pty. Ltd. and is a registered company with ASIC. We also trade under another name: Website-designer.net, being our website design and hosting business.

We have been trading within Australia since 1998, and have been running our own hosting since 2000. We are a licensed reseller of many brand name IT hardware, including HP, and many others. We also resell and license software, anti-virus, and other programs for business and corporate networks.

We are primarily a website design firm, but we also run our own hosting cluster, with SAS 70 Type II Certification. Our cluster is part of one of the most secure and professional datacentres in the world.

This certification is a Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70, Service Organizations.


What we are good at:

Website design and hosting.

Erina Design has been designing website since 1998, we were one of the first web designing companies in Sydney at that time, and have continued to design both custom websites and CMS websites. We have worked to provide hundreds of companies to a viable web presence. We have expertise in all areas of web design, web programming and secure hosting.

We realized a couple of years ago that small to medium business do not need to spend huge amounts of money for custom design in most cases, and so we offer a CMS (Content management system) program as a cost effective method of deploying a great web presence. The CMS programs we use do require security updates periodically but that is a minimal cost in comparison to a custom design. Also business like to have a fresh look every year or two so using a CMS website makes it simpler and more cost effective to move to a new look without a whole new development.

Benefits of being with us

page2-img2Web security - top tier security

Having website security is essential to your business as having a lock on business front door, our CloudFlare DNS protection, and Admin Tools, keep out hackers and spammers. Keeping your site safe and free from spam lists and hacker website forums. Security is everything to us and by keeping you safe, you will stay with us and see us as a business partner.

page2-img2CloudFlare - DNS protection

Our partnership with CloudFlare provides all the website we host with the very DNS protection. With Cloudflare, if you are running a networking on a domain such that you access your server or system remotely we can also use a CloudFlare WAF (Web application firewall) to further protect your network against intrusion, this is only $120 per year.

page2-img2Dozens of Golden Web Awards - Gold and Silver

We have dozens of Gold Web Awards GWAs, mostly Gold, some Silver and a couple of Bronze. We tend to avoid the larger web awards as they are expensive to enter and really geared towards designers. The GWAs have been going for over 10 years and are mid-level class award system that recognizes the best websites for small to medium business.

page2-img2WebDesigner Awards - 50 Gold and Silver

Additionally, we gained over 50 website awards from the Australian Web Designers Network AWDN, we sent those awards onto clients, rather than keep them, after all the client takes part in the development of the site. The AWDN is no longer around, but we gain many other awards on a regular basis.