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A TemplateMonster, verified WordPress template is included in your E-business Platinum Bundle.

This is just a small sample of the some templates, there are thousands of templates and after you pay the deposit, we will send you links to the galleries for you to choose your template for your new website.

If you have any questions - just go to our FAQs page and most likely the answer is there.

But basically, you will get an A grade e-business website with all inclusions, as well as hosting and email. Everything your business needs.

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Erina Design only uses responsive templates, these are templates that provide a different device template for each device, so that ipads, iphones, smart phone, tablets and desktops are all detected automatically by the website and a device specific template is delivered to that device of your website.

The graphic below will illustrate how different device templates render differently for different devices. All our website use responsive templates.