Search traffic in 2015

Search traffic in 2015-2016

Getting search engine traffic for your website in 2015 is harder than ever before, with billions of web pages out there, and big companies clambering for the top of the front page, small websites and small businesses are pushed deep into the search results, so that the only way they can get a voice is pay for advertising. One such advertising method online is Google Adwords and for a small business website the costs can quickly add up as each click can worth quite a few dollars, with no promise of the user engaging, or being converted to being a customer.

In spite of all the tricks and method black and white hat programmers use, we think honest is the best policy, as the truth of your business and website what will work in the end. So here is Erina Designs basic list of the best simplest methods of gaining traffic with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  1. Have a CMS (Content Management System) website such as WordPress.
  2. Make your content original, write it yourself. If you borrow content it will only lessen your site and the site's listing you took the content from.
  3. Content is king on the web, the better the content the better the results, put at least 300 words per page and make it specific to your business.
  4. Have photos that are unique to your business - sure licence some photos but mix them with your own and always use alt tags.
  5. Install an SEO package into your CMS and follow its direction - such as YoastSEO.
  6. If you SEO package uses XML sitemaps use them! Or install a plugin that can generate XML sitemaps, and submit those maps to Google and Bing.
  7. Have blog on your site, and post to it regularly. Once or twice a week should be enough. It keeps the site fresh and up to date.
  8. Get as many people linking to your site as possible - these are called backlinks but becareful buying those, if they are bad backlinks they can go against you, try simply writing to suppliers and customers and ask them for a link back.

The results will be worth the effort you put in but be careful buying SEO, make sure you know what is it your buying and make sure it is white hat!

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